Diamond Coat Epoxy in Myrtle Beach & Hilton Head, SC

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What Is Diamond Coat?

Diamond Coat is a beautiful and affordable alternative to granite or tile. This scratch resistant, non-yellowing and eco-friendly product makes great countertops, floors, shower walls and more. Its seamless, non-porous surface makes cleaning effortless. No more cleaning grout lines! We can install almost any type of surface. No need to remove tile or linoleum.

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Customizable Design

It’s easy to achieve a completely customizable design to match your home’s interior. The possibilities are endless with many the color varieties there are to choose from. Get a beautiful, 3D look that no other product will be able to compare to.

Quick, Painless Installation

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  • Quick and easy process
  • Use your countertops the very next day
  • Go over any surface
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Diamond Coat is a revolutionary system that can be applied directly over your old countertops or we can build new custom countertops using this process. What our customers love is the seamless, heat resistant and scratch resistant surface that can be compared to granite. It’s non-yellowing and customizable design will have your family and friends in awe of your countertop or bar top.

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Durable and classy flooring does not have to cost a fortune. Diamond Coat flooring is up to ten times thicker than any other epoxy on the market. This 100 percent solids product will not fade or easily scratch and can be poured over outdated flooring, including tile and concrete.


This product offers a quick yet beautiful way to finish a shower or bath surround with a customized epoxy design. The seamless and non-porous surface makes cleaning unbelievably easy.

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